Marbelize S.A it’s the most updated tuna processing plant from this region. It is always at the leading edge for using new technologies and developing new food products.

We produce “Yeli, a Gourmet tuna “which is at the forefront of innovation in the industry, positioning us as a brand that provides value-added products and better quality.

Our innovation resides in formulas and recipes accompanying our selected tuna. For These recipes we use high quality ingredients and constant counseling from highly qualified chefs of our country.

Moreover, we have innovative glass jar and aluminum pouch packaging which bring different interesting characteristics to the tuna canned markets.

All of our raw material goes through a double cleaning and selecting process before it is packed in any kind of presentation.

To manufacture our canned tuna we strictly follow internationally certified quality hygiene and wisdom.


We are a food product producing and trading company. We are looking forward to building long term relationships with our customers and consumers nationally and internationally. We have established quality, customer service, innovation, and our coworker’s development processes to achieve profitability in each of our processes.


To be the brand of choice for food products to the Ecuadorian families. In the same way, we want to be a reference for quality, customer service, and innovative product profitability in the global market.